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Pigmented Lesions Pinehurst

When you look in the mirror, you may find any number of brown or black spots peppering your complexion: freckles, age spots, café-au-lait spots, birthmarks, melasma, photodamage, solar lentigines. These dark marks can be caused by a number of things, including sun exposure, aging, hormonal changes, and even genetic factors. No matter what the cause, the result is a collection of unwanted marks can make you self-conscious.

Laser therapy is a safe and easy method for permanently removing benign pigmented lesions without harming your skin. Practically any part of the body can be treated, including your face, hands, shoulders, arms, and decolletage. You will feel a slight snapping against your skin as the laser pulses are emitted, but most people find they can tolerate the pain without any pain medication or anesthesia.

The laser light passes through the skin without harm to deliver intense energy to the cells that contain the melanin, called “melanocytes.” As the energy is absorbed, it destroys these cells and allows your body to produce new, healthy ones in their stead. The result is an even, healthy skin tone.

For most people, only one or two sessions will be needed to achieve the desired results. Sessions are usually only 20 minutes long, making this a true “lunchtime” procedure. There is no ablation, no pain, and no downtime, and it is safe for use on most skin tones.

Experience fresh and healthy skin with SkinPen® microneedling. To learn more, contact Pinehurst Medical Clinic, Dermatology today.

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