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Facial veins, such as the sprawling red, purple, green, or blue webs of telangiectasia, the thick lines of veins near your eyes, temples, or chin, and permanent diffuse redness are all frustrating conditions that can take away from your appearance. Even the highest-quality cosmetics can have trouble covering them, and the lotions and creams that promise to make them fade rarely live up to their promise. You need a fast and simple way to eliminate these damaged veins.

Laser therapy can restore youthful, healthy skin without injections or chemicals. The laser is tuned to a precise wavelength that passes harmlessly through the skin to target the damaged veins and capillaries. The light is absorbed and transferred into heat, which causes the walls of the veins to become sticky and coagulate, eventually being sealed off and reabsorbed by your body.

The process is fast. Most patients will only need 1-3 treatments to achieve clearance, and in some cases improvement can be seen immediately. This treatment also benefits the overall health of your skin, stimulating collagen growth and imbuing your skin with an attractive glow.

This is a safe and almost painless process. You will only feel a snapping sensation as the laser pulse is delivered. Afterward, your skin will be red and sting a little, much like a sunburn, but the effect will be gone within 24 hours. There is no recovery period or downtime associated with this treatment. Most sessions take less than 30 minutes to complete, leaving you free to return to your regular routine immediately.

Facial veins can make you look older and less attractive. Banish them for good with laser vein therapy. Call Pinehurst Medical Clinic, Dermatology today to arrange for your complimentary consultation.


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