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Here at Pinehurst Medical Clinic, we are dedicated to improving the quality of your skin through effective, thorough treatment. So we are excited to introduce our new DermaSweep technique. With its cutting-edge bristle tip exfoliation and targeted skin infusions, DermaSweep can treat a wide variety of skin disorders.

What is DermaSweep?

DermaSweep is a non-invasive, safe, and painless procedure. First, your skin care provider passes the DermaSweep wand over the desired skin area. Just like a vacuum removes dust from the floor, the DermaSweep wand removes the top-most layer of skin, which is composed mainly of dead cells. Your skin is left feeling smooth and full of life. The suction effect of the wand also cleans your pores and stimulates blood flow to promote the formation of collagen, which firms and tones your skin. After this exfoliation process, your provider delivers infusions, customized for your skin tone and dermatological condition, to the target area. These infusions use state-of-the-art ingredients customized for specific skin conditions.

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Three types of infusion products are available: EpiFusions, PremiumFusions, and PeelFusions.

  • EpiFusions are used to treat specific conditions such as dehydration, changes in skin tone, and more.
  • PremiumFusions are all-in-one skin health elixirs, containing revitalizing peptides, enzymes that target and restore DNA, and growth factors that reduce signs of aging.
  • PeelFusions aid in skin peel procedures. They deliver skincare ingredients faster and more effectively, reducing the peeling and flaking of traditional procedures.

Though these options may seem overwhelming, your Pinehurst providers are here to help. We will consult with you to choose the best mix of infusions that match your particular needs.


Treatments take an average of 30 minutes, depending on the condition being treated. Results are immediate, but are enhanced by additional treatments within a two-week window, plus a quick, simple post-treatment routine.


DermaSweep is optimized to give you the best results for improving your skin. Consult with your Pinehurst providers to determine what type of DermaSweep treatment would benefit you the most. With DermaSweep, we will help you achieve smooth, fresh skin that makes you feel great!

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