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Are you looking for a simple, effective treatment to increase the length, thickness, and fullness of your eyelashes? Try CompleteLash, now offered by Pinehurst Medical Clinic, Dermatology.

The CompleteLash formula includes a blend of vitamins, peptides, and botanicals designed to condition your eyelashes, enhance their flexibility, and prevent breakage. The formula is dye-free and paraben-free, effective on all hair colors.

To apply CompleteLash, remove makeup from around your eyes and apply nightly before bed, using a single stroke at the base of both the upper and lower lashes. Be careful to avoid contact with your eye, and if the formula does touch the eye, rinse immediately with water. CompleteLash is completely safe to use with contact lenses. One bottle lasts up to four months if used once a day. Your results will become apparent in 3-5 weeks for younger clients, and 6-10 weeks for older clients.

Full, luxurious eyelashes are just a step away with CompleteLash. Contact Pinehurst Medical Clinic, Dermatology immediately with any questions about the treatment.

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