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Pinehurst Medical Clinic has been operating for over 60 years. Throughout this time, striving to expand and improve on the services we offer has been a constant focus. Whether you are looking for a family physician or a specialist for your condition, we offer state-of-the-art technology and the latest treatments to keep you in top health. Pinehurst Medical Clinic, Dermatology is proud to be a branch of this prestigious medical group.

Our highly trained, highly skilled physicians offer care and compassion to every patient. Our team is comprised of the best medical professionals in the industry, and that requires more than an academic understanding of how to treat diseases and medical conditions. Listening, understanding, and working with our patients in a partnership is integral to the way we operate.

At Pinehurst Medical Clinic, Dermatology consists of more than physical wholeness. The way you look and feel is equally important, and are a combined focus in the field of dermatology. Self-perceptions can be intensely affected by flaws in your appearance. With the addition of the Cutera Excel V™ vascular laser system to our array of tools, we can now offer procedures that are both practical and cosmetic.

This new technology can safely and quickly address a wide range of issues, from rosacea symptoms and varicose veins to skin rejuvenation and hair removal. Variable settings and unique light wavelengths make it safe for use on all skin types, allowing every patient to achieve his or her skin care and vascular health goals. Pinehurst Medical Clinic, Dermatology are proud to offer every patient the best care available in North Carolina. We look forward to working with you, no matter what your healthcare needs. To learn more, call the Pinehurst Medical Clinic, Dermatology office today.

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Pinehurst Medical Clinic, Dermatology

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